Post-op Berks County dog

Whether you’re facing a planned or emergency surgical procedure, there’s a lot to prepare for. Each pet owner faces different levels of stress and anxiety, but one thing is true for everyone: Good post-op care is the key to a successful recovery. 

It’s no small feat to care for a pet in the days and weeks after a surgery. Even after they shake the anesthesia, several days may pass before they resemble their pre-surgery self. 

But wait! There’s so much they can’t do yet! 

The recovery process can be long and boring, but with our ideas for post-op entertainment petst, the time will fly by!

Hold On

A major component of taking care of your pet after surgery is restricting their movements. Even walks around the block might be off-limits until they’ve healed. Visits to the backyard should be limited, and vigorous games like fetch or tug must be banned for some time. 

Sure, they may not feel like exercising at first, but as soon as they start to feel better it can be challenging to keep them stimulated and entertained. How will you be able to stave off the zoomies for several weeks to come?

Know What’s Appropriate

Creating post-op entertainment for pets depends on what type of surgery they’ve had, and what their recovery entails. If they have bones or tendons that are repairing, you’ll likely have many weeks ahead of you with confined or restricted movement. Alternatively, straightforward surgical procedures, like a spay or neuter, involve a shorter recovery period (until the surgical wound heals).

We will give you detailed instructions regarding what your pet can and can’t do while recovering. Our guidelines aim for successful, speedy recuperation without inadvertently overdoing it. 

What’s In Your Toolbox?

Post-op entertainment for pets involves stimulating their minds. Not only do mental games provide an outlet for pent-up energy, but they give your pet confidence and a sense of achievement. 

Brain games and puzzles give pets opportunities to sharpen their skills, please their owners, and strengthen the bond between you. Without this type of post-op entertainment for pets, you could be asking for trouble at home. 

Post-Op Entertainment for Pets

We encourage you to get creative with post-op entertainment for pets. Try out any of the following to keep them mentally engaged and content while they heal:

  • Food dispensing puzzles
  • Puzzle games
  • The 3 cup games (place treats until a cup and let them “track” it as you move the cups around)
  • Muffin tin game (hide some healthy treats under tennis balls in each muffin cup)
  • A Snuffle Mat (may not work well if your pet has to wear a cone)
  • Fun Scent Games
  • Clicker Training (remember to keep their goals attainable)
  • Massage (the power of touch can be incredibly healing by improving mood and reducing stress)

As they grow stronger, you may be able to take your pet for slow, gentle walks. We may also recommend physical therapy and swimming.

If you have questions or concerns about post-op entertainment for pets, please let us know. Our staff is always here for you at Conrad-Weiser Animal Hospital.