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What kind of food is best for your pet's health?

So many pet food commercials claim to have the best food for pets.  One company even invites pet parents to compare their food to several other nationally known pet food brands.  If only we could believe what pet food companies claim!  Two very common misconceptions about pet foods are:

#1 True or False:  If “chicken” is listed first on the list of ingredients, the food is better than a food that lists “chicken meal” first on the list of ingredients.

                          Answer: FALSE   “chicken” actually contains less protein than “chicken meal” (“chicken meal” is dehydrated meat whereas “chicken” meat     contains a large percentage of water). 


#2 True or False: Foods that are grain free are better for your dog than food that contain grains.

                        Answer: FALSE.  Grains are a great source of the protein, omega 3 fatty acids and fiber.  A dog’s body uses proteins exactly the same whether  they come from meat or grain. 

So how do you know what is best to feed your pet?  We recommend sticking with the foods manufactured by companies that spend a lot of money on pet nutrition research.  These companies are Hills (Science Diet), Iams (Eukanuba), Purina (Pro-plan is their best) and Royal Canin.  Other companies spend lots of money on marketing and advertising their foods.

Please read more about pet nutrition myths by clicking below.

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