Dog in funny family photo.

Just as it is for human children, pet parenting can be a little tricky. It is important, though, for optimal pet health and well-being that you do your very best. You are not alone in the task, though! As your pet care partners, Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital has all the best information for you so that you can be a good pet owner.

Responsible Pet Parenting

Owning a pet is an amazing and rewarding experience, but it is not without responsibility. Animals cannot speak for or advocate for themselves. That task falls on our shoulders. Understanding these responsibilities are an important part of pet parenting.

Responsible pet ownership requires assessing if:

  • You are able and willing to provide your pet’s basic needs
  • You are up for a lifelong commitment
  • You understand the cost and time involved in properly caring for your pet
  • You are willing to be concerned about the welfare of another living being

Pet ownership is not a flexible condition. Once you have made a commitment to that animal, they are depending on you to care for and love them!

How to Be a Good Pet Owner

Here are our team’s best tips for how to be a good pet owner:

  • DO take advantage of wellness plans to spread out costs and provide proactive care for the best pet health
  • DO consider pet insurance to help pay for unexpected costs associated with illness and injury
  • DO socialize your pet to prevent behavior issues
  • DON’T skip vet visits for your healthy pet
  • DO ask us for help if you don’t know what the best course of action is for your pet
  • DO microchip your pet to help get them back to you in the event of a separation
  • DON’T forget to license your dog and comply with other local regulations
  • DO provide good dental care for your pet
  • DON’T skip recommended parasite prevention for things like heartworm, fleas, and ticks
  • DO remember that senior pets often need extra care
  • DON’T forget that pet overpopulation is a real problem and that spaying or neutering is the best choice for most pets
  • DON’T forget that animals are living things and not disposable
  • DO develop a good relationship with your pet’s veterinarian

Pets bring so much value to our lives. They keep us company, make us smile, and never judge. They are always there for us, even on our worst days. All pets deserve a responsible, loving human. Understanding how to be a good pet owner is the least we can do in return for everything our four-legged family members bring to us.