Dog in car traveling in Lancaster.

With more travel destinations loosening COVID-19 related restrictions, humans are energized and ready to travel. After spending all of that time home with your pet in 2020, it’s hard to imagine leaving them for an extended amount of time. It sounds like much more fun to bring them along, right by your side. 

If your pet is healthy and fit enough to travel, follow these tips to make the most of your trip:

Bring a Leash, Collar, and Harness

This one seems obvious, however, in a mad rush to get to the airport while breaking all of your routines, it would be easy to miss this simple step. You will want to bring a restraint that is light, yet sturdy. 

Imagine: you’re taking a photo of a landscape. Your camera is in one hand and your leash in another. Your pet steps out in front of you, testing the limits of the leash, keeping it snug enough to know you’re there but not so hard you topple over and drop your phone. Your loyal companion is gazing towards the horizon, ears perked and sniffing the new air. You click and take the perfect photo, capturing the spirit of both your pet and the trip.

While you might not expect this actual scene to unfold, imagining this might help you remember your leash. 

Of course, adding it to your list will also do the trick.

Get your Pet an ID Tag

Losing your pet in another city, state, or country would be an absolute nightmare. 

Microchips are amazing. However, the good Samaritan that finds your pet would have to bring them to a vet or shelter for a reading. Whatever the size or breed of your pet, there is likely a collar or harness that fits onto which you can place a tag.

Consider using an email address along with a phone number to give your pet-finding hero a chance to contact you digitally. 

Take Photos of Their Health Information

Some states require special pet documentation and regulations vary by state. If traveling within the United States, here is a very helpful guide to understand what your pet needs to be up to paw-r. 

Car Travel with Pets

Secure your pet with either a seat belt leash, crate, or harness to make sure they’re safe for the duration of the trip.

Bringing a favorite blanket or toy from home can ease your pet’s anxiety and make the trip more pleasant. Make sure to line the crate with something soft to cushion the journey.  

Air Travel

If your pet weighs less than 20 pounds, make sure to call your airline to secure your pet a spot in the cabin! If you think it’s hard to find a place to store your carry-on luggage, you can imagine how difficult it would be to find a place for an unplanned pet (if that’s even possible). 

You can find an airline-friendly carrier. Make sure it is leak-proof, big enough for them to turn around inside, breathable, and bite-proof. 

We don’t recommend it, but if you absolutely must, you can travel with your larger pet (more than 20lbs) in the cargo area. This ability depends on the time of year because airlines will not put them in there if it’s too hot or cold. Make sure to label your carrier with a “Live Animal” sticker.  

Pet Hotel Stays

Make sure your final destination is pet-friendly! Many places charge an extra fee for pets. Clean up after your pet and manage their noise levels to create an enjoyable experience for everyone.

If you have questions or concerns about traveling with your pet, please give us a call at (610) 589-5019. Our team of veterinarians and staff are here for you at Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital.