Dog Friendly Camping And Hiking In The Womelsdorf Area can be yours this fallOne of the biggest mistakes a pet parent can make when it comes to camping and hiking with their dog is to not thoroughly research their destination in advance. Most major parks, trails, and campgrounds have individual policies regarding pets, and many don’t allow pets at all.

At  Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital we want you and your pet to enjoy the outdoors together as much as possible, which is why we’ve done the research for you! Pennsylvania is chock full of dog friendly outdoor opportunities, and we’ve found some woof-tastic options right here in our neck of the woods. Enjoy!

Dog Friendly Camping

There’s nothing like a little outdoor R and R with your four-legged best pal. The following campgrounds aren’t the only dog friendly camping options in our area, but they are a great place to begin.

  • Shady Grove Campground offers a wide variety of family friendly activities and year round camping opportunities. Leashed pets are allowed as long as their owners present proof of current rabies vaccination.
  • Swimming, fishing, and gorgeous scenery abound at Cocalico Creek Campground in Lancaster county
  • Blue Rocks Family Campground offers cottages, RV camping, and tent camping all in a unique setting. Very pet friendly.
  • If you are searching for a quiet, peaceful campsite with a great view, look no further than the Lancaster/New Holland KOA campground.

Dog Friendly Hiking

You think of it as a hike, but to your dog’s heightened senses it’s a heart-pounding smorgasbord of smells and sounds. Fortunately, most of Pennsylvania’s hiking trails allow leashed dogs, such as:

A Few Little Reminders

Your pet’s safety is of the utmost importance any time you take them out of the house. Keep our tips in mind for a happy and healthy outdoor adventure.

  • Protecting your dog from heat related injuries is critical. Bring along plenty of fresh water, and a collapsible bowl for your dog to drink from, and take frequent breaks in the shade. Never leave your dog in a parked vehicle, as temperatures can reach deadly levels within minutes even when parked in the shade and with the windows cracked.
  • Bring along a pet first aid kit, and make sure you have your pet’s medical records and vaccination reports available in case of emergency or for documentation in a campground if needed.
  • Always keep your dog leashed, and supervise them at all times. Don’t let your dog investigate dead or live wildlife.
  • Up to date vaccinations and parasite protection are a must when it comes to camping and hiking with your pet. Bring your pet in to see us and we will make sure they are ready for the great outdoors.
  • Last but not least, scoop that poop! Dog feces can contribute harmful bacteria, parasites, and other compounds to the environment and watershed if not properly disposed of.

We really can’t stress enough the importance of protecting yourself and your dog from ticks while outdoors in this part of Pennsylvania, especially if you’re camping or hiking. All pets that go hiking or camping should be on an excellent tick and flea product. We recommend either Bravecto tablet (given once every 90 days) or Frontline Gold ( note: not ‘plus’), which is applied topically once monthly. Give us a call or stop in and see us if you have any questions about flea/tick treatments. We’re happy to help! We want you to have fun, relax and enjoy your outdoor experience, but we also want everyone to be safe and healthy.