We’ll Fix You Up: Dog Surgery at Conrad Weiser

Dog in veterinary clinic after surgery.

Sometimes pets need to have surgery. While no pet owner looks forward to having their beloved family member go through any type of procedure, if you are at Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital, you’re in luck. When it comes to dog surgery, we are experts.


The Truth About – and Consequences of – Pet Pain

Pet pain has lasting effects on pet wellness

As an inherited approach to self-preservation, animals are hardwired to mask any signs of weakness. Certainly, modern pets aren’t at risk of being attacked or eaten in their own homes, but that doesn’t stop them from hiding symptoms that would land them anywhere near the crosshairs. Without a doubt, pet pain can be very confusing to observe or decipher. Knowing what to look for can lead to early detection of an illness or injury, resulting in a better outcome for your pet.

The Pain Is The Same

Pet pain is just like human pain, except they cannot tell us where they hurt. Various conditions cause pet pain, but when it’s identified early on and treated, effective methods have an even greater impact on quality and length of life.