clients with their pets waiting at the veterinarian clinic

Prices have been on the rise across the country, and veterinary costs are not an exception. Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital knows that sometimes the cost of good care can be surprising. As a pet owner, understanding why veterinary services are expensive and what you can do to mitigate the damages is important. 

The Cost of Care

Pet care in general is quite expensive. From your initial purchase or adoption fees, to food and treats, to training and board, to grooming, to veterinary care, nothing is without cost. 

Veterinary care in general is important to keeping your pet happy and healthy, but the costs of vaccines, spay or neuter, parasite prevention, dental care, and unexpected injuries or illnesses can really add up. 

The cost of staffing a veterinary hospital, paying the utility bills, maintaining equipment, carrying insurance, ensuring up-to-date quality of medicine through training and education, and buying medical supplies continue to rise. Nothing is free, and no matter how much we love animals, we can’t pay our bills without charging something. 

Making Veterinary Services Less Expensive

Even when you understand why veterinary care is costly, it doesn’t automatically make your checking account deeper. There are definitely things that you can do to help save some money on pet care, though. 

Keep pet care affordable by:

  • Staying current on vaccinations, parasite prevention, and screening testing to ward off more serious diseases
  • Looking into pet wellness care plans to help spread out the expense
  • Avoiding DIY remedies that often lead to more trouble
  • Steering clear of products that seem too good to be true
  • Learning basic grooming such as trimming your pet’s nails at home
  • Providing good nutrition and keeping your pet at a healthy body weight
  • Considering pet insurance

Many people wonder if pet insurance is worth it. It can actually be a great way to save money on your pet’s care. While the monthly premium needs to be factored in, major illnesses or injuries that would normally catch your budget off guard are typically covered. Use an online tool like Pawlicy Advisor to compare policies. 

Having a pet can be expensive, but they are well worth it. Affordable veterinary care is out there, and we are here to help.